Hyper Spacebar

Hyper Spacebar


Hyper space bar!

For those of you asking about a spacebar with a white keyboard.

Make your mac take off, Its a white vinyl sticker that goes over mac book space bars , even if you have a white keyboard this will send you straight to space.

Ive sized these for the desktop mac keyboard but please check the size and ill do you a custom one if you need one.

4.361"x0.601" (please make sure you have a spacebar this size,) I can now do sizes for PC so just let me know when you place an order, you need to let me know the dimensions as I don't know every type of spacebar size

(Please note If you supply the wrong size I am Unable to issue a refund or replacement, all sizes of pc spacebars are different , also these custom orders will take a bit longer than the Mac Versions )

(the design will vary from each one as the vinyl is hand applied so every space bar is different!)

Each bit of vinyl is individually stuck on so it takes a bit of time.

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